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CEED Bulgaria is addressing challenges in business development by enlisting successful entrepreneurs to mentor those looking to grow their businesses. CEED was developed using a peer to peer model where entrepreneurs share their experiences, help others overcome challenges, and develop trust in others in the network.

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a non-profit organisation that unites entrepreneurs on a voluntary basis. CCI UZ conducts active work on support of subjects both small, and large business.

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Association for Development of Business Logistics

Association for Development of Business Logistics in Uzbekistan is creating favorable conditions for development of logistics and business infrastructure and provide legal support to formation and development of business environment.

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Turkmen Association of International Road Carriers

The Turkmen Association of International Road Trasnport (THADA) is representing the interests of international auto carriers of Turkmenistan at the international level and is assisting the development of international road transport in Turkmenistan.

Association of Stevedore Companies of Latvia

Association of Stevedore Companies of Latvia is a public organization and represents the interests of stevedores as well as the interests of transit business. The Association of Stevedore Companies of Latvia also acts with legislative innovations and consultations in the field of the transit business of Latvia.



The Project is supporting cooperation of BIOs and SMEs of Central Asia with EU logistics organizations, to improve the logistics supply chain, storage and distribution of goods.

The project participants will gain the possibility to:

  • increase innovative managerial expertise;
  • acquire fundamental managerial skills for running a successful business;
  • gain practical experience from EU best entrepreneurial practices by SMEs;
  • increase export expertise of the BIOs and trade potential of SMEs;
  • build institutional partnerships between EU BIOs and assisted BIOs from Central Asia;
  • participate in a study trip for knowledge exchange



  • Managers and experts of BIOs in transport and logistics sector of Central Asia
  • SMEs from transport & logistics and trade sector companies as well as warehouses



This project is financed by the European Union.





Export prospects of Uzbekistan

From the day of independence in Uzbekistan, significant progress was achieved in the implementation of the most important directions and priorities of country's economic development program, in a result of which positive dynamics of the basic macroeconomic parameters were ensured and a solid basis for further balanced development of various sectors and spheres of the economy was created. The cross-industry cooperation of industrial enterprises is being strengthened, the modern technologies are being introduced into the production process, and the transport and communication infrastructure is developing consistently.

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Turkmenistan: to a new level of international cooperation

The development of international economic relations and foreign trade of Turkmenistan causes an increase in the volume of cargo flows, in the maintenance of which the role of all the major transport hubs of the state, actively operating and newly created at an accelerated pace, is growing systematically, including the modern seaport of Turkmenbashi as a strategic element of the country's transport system.

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Investment promotion conference

Investment Promotion Conference will be designed to widely recognize all institutions promoting trade development in the region. This conference will bring together private companies, technical experts, government policy makers and investors to learn about technologies and trade developments in export industries, assess trends in standards and demand in foreign markets, share information about new...
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