Launching Capacity Building seminars  in Central Asia.

Launching Capacity Building seminars in Central Asia.

Starting from the end of November 2017 until the November of 2018 in the framework of the project “Strengthening Transport and Logistics BIOs in Central Asia” the series of training seminars starts in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Taking into account the previous experience of the partners, the training seminars are designed to boost confidence, build BIOs and SMEs networks and provide access to skills needed to accomplish goals more effectively and efficiently. Following the intentions of the project partners to provide highly-effective short-term training seminar, project board consisted of Central Asian (Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan) and European (Bulgaria and Latvia) BIOs representatives has decided to build the training program of 3 Modules for 4 days. It’s envisaged to held 6 training seminars in the regions of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

The following Modules are developed:

1 Module: Top Class Mentorship Program for BIOs.

Logistics and Strategic Supply Chain Management. Differences. Introduction to designing, operation, and finally in the improvement of the supply chain systems that is required to create and deliver organization's primary products and its services.

Planning and Control Steps for Operations and Supply Chain Management. Risk management. The basic steps to control the Operations and Supply Chain Management. The strategic activities of business planning, resource planning, and Sales and Operations Planning will be explained to the participants in details.

Supplier Relationship Management. Logistics relationships. Participant will be acquainted with the logistics management including the various related tasks required to get the right product in the right quantity and right condition at the right place at the right time for the right customer at the right price (the 7 R’s of Logistics).

During the first day the experts and mentors of European partners have provided the applied train-the-trainer approach where CEED experts will train and enrich local BIOs capacity to provide business training services to their SME members and customers. Attending key experts and managers will learn the principles of business services and will understand the importance and mechanisms of delivering assistance to member SMEs and the private sector in general.

2 Module: Trade capacity development for SMEs.

Value Chain. Definitions and Characteristics. What is value chain and how it can help to meet the needs of customers. Analysis of the effectiveness of the value chain actions; What is value stream and value stream mapping, Porter’s value chain and the Global Value Chain Initiative.

Branding, Marketing and Sales Contributions for Logistics Operations. The principles of the “outside-in” marketing; Marketing measurement for logistics, value proposition, target audience needs, competitive differentiators, features & benefits.

International Trade and Transportations in Logistics. Process of planning, implementing, and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation, transportation Chains and Logistics Globalization; importing and exporting regulations; Customs legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan/Turkmenistan.

Fundamentals of the Custom legislation of the Republic Uzbekistan. This session was created on the preliminary enquires of the participants during the Roundtable meeting in Tashkent. A local expert is invited to provide the participants with the basic requirements for international trade agreements in the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan; on classification on goods by commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity (TN VED RUz); custom payments and custom cost and everything what should and entrepreneur know about customs procedures.

The aim of this 2-days module is to enhance the enterprises competitive advantages, to boost exports, to increase sales and to create new jobs through focused and intensive business interventions.                                                                                                                              

The project consortium is trying to improve target SMEs capacity for market-oriented product development, to increase productivity and management skills and to help to access foreign markets: to enter and to expand on existing markets. During this 2 days the participants are encouraged to practice business planning skills and financial management. Awareness campaign of their rights and obligations inside logistics operations under the national and international law is held.

3 Module: Eco-efficiency seminars. Introduction.

Eco-Efficiency Performance Measurement System. During this session the risks of the -” grow now, clean up later” approach for the regional economy and society will be discussed. The session is focused on the development based on the eco-efficiency through showcases and workshops. The basic concepts of the eco-efficiency indicators are going to be presented together with the principles and concepts associated with selecting EEI.

Green-Cargo. The course is intended to share the conclusions of EU Ecologic Institute in field of climate change law and policies, to raise awareness about the environmental technologies in the freight transport sector. Within the eco-efficiency sessions SMEs and BIOs will gain professional advice on how they could take actions to help preserve the environment, minimize resource consumption and achieve sustainable competitiveness. On the basis of case studies of SMEs across Europe that have successfully integrated sustainability measures into their daily operations, all- stages of life-cycle products will be addressed.

The short-term training seminars will be held by the experienced practitioners and will include mentorship component to help guide a way forward. The experts from Europe (Latvia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and et.) and Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan) will take part during the training sessions. This must ensure widely open discussion, fruitful participation and an effective interaction of different experiences of the participants as well as of the experts. We believe that this approach is highly effective as it is combining practicing and theory examination.

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